Mei Nishihara

A Shy Woman with an Oppressive Intellect


Personality: Mei is the quiet type, she does not often speak to others, however when she does he intelligence shows through. She has a respect for viewing the world from afar; not becoming intimately involved with her surroundings.

Fear(s): Being put into situations where all attention is on her.

Likes: Reading, People-Watching, Admiring other Intelligent people (mainly boys)

Dislikes: Loud noises, Being asked questions about herself by ignorant Fucks.

Habit(s): Constantly touches her hair to make it look “perfect”. When she is nervous she runs her hands through it and messes it up.

Flaw(s): She gets very stressed under pressure; to a point of paralysis.

Talent(s): Mai has an aptitude for creating trinkets out of small objects. They often can operate on their own.


Mai comes from the Nishihara clan, which is a lower noble house in the eastern portion of Seireitei. Her house is tied closely to the Ogino family. The Ogino house is a lower house that has slowly been consolidating smaller houses into its dominion. Mai is betrothed to the third-born son of the Ogino house. Mai’s betrothal is not of primary concern to her, as her husband has not been born yet. The benefits of her betrothal however, is that the Nishihara clan is now allied with a larger conglomerate of houses. Mai enrolled in the Shinigami Academy to bring prestige to her family, and to become a valuable and desirable bride; as to further her house’s advantageous position with the Ogino family.

Mei Nishihara

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