Kamo Osugawa

A Quick-Witted Kenjutsu Specialist


Personality: Kamo is a serious individual; his sense of humor is lacking. When it comes to becoming a shinigami his motives seem to be entirely comprised of killing Hollows. (Something Something Something VENGEANCE)

Fear(s): Kamo fears that he will be unable to destroy the Hollow populace in it’s entirety. He also fears losing any more of his close relationships to Hollow.

Likes: Kamo likes listening to classical music that is remixed with K-POP. He also loves the feeling of the blood of his enemies on his bare hands.

Dislikes: Kamo has a hatred for the music genre “Rock”. His kenjutsu teacher always thought it was devil music, and he tends to agree.

Habit(s): Kamo has a tendency to stop paying attention to people who are not talking about Kenjutsu. He will often walk off in the middle of conversations with (seemingly) unprovoked rage.

Flaw(s): Kamo has a very short temper. Coupled with his incapability to hold a regular conversation: he is rather dull in social situations.

Talent(s): Despite all of Kamo’s apparent inadequacies, he has very sharp thinking and has incredible reaction timing. He takes a very short amount of time to process information and situations.


Kamo’s death in the real world was at the hands of a hollow: it however did not eat him, rather it ripped him open. The Hollow did however, eat his family. A Shinigami was around to fight the hollow, but it escaped. The Shinigami helped Kamo pass into the next life, where he immediately started to seek out a Kenjutsu instructor with the hopes of avenging his family.

Kamo Osugawa

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