Noble Houses

The Soul Society is divided into a class system akin to feudalism. There are first; the denizens of Ruknongai; which are the peasants of society. Then are the inhabitants of Seireitei, the lesser and greater noble houses. This familys are noble due to their ability to produce children in the Soul Society. The difference between a lesser house and a greater house is the purity ratio of it’s members. The purer the bloodline, the higher the house.

Greater Houses

There are four Great Houses in the Soul Society, they are considered kings and queens to those of lesser stations. They are often referred to as the “Four Noble Houses”, or the “Noble Houses”.





Lesser Houses:

The lesser houses are all in some way tied to the greater noble houses. Individually, they do not hold a large sway over the events in soul society; however alliances have been made in the past when certain boundaries are overstepped by governing bodies. The strength of any particular lesser house varies widely; and as such there are unspoken leaders of the lesser nobility. Theses leaders are typically houses with members in the military services.

Prominent Lesser Houses:






Noble Houses

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