Gotei 13

The Thirteen Court Guard Squads


Each squad is in charge of a specific task in the soul society in addition to the regular tasks that all squads are required to uphold.
Listed below are the Squads; their responsibilities and their members.

Squad 1 (Leadership)
Keji Muramoto
Squad 2 (Secret Police)
Isa Nomura
Squad 3 (Recruitment)
Ken Muramoto
Squad 4 (Medical Corps.)
Akira Chiba
Squad 5 (Information)
Emi Yoshimura
Squad 6 (Hueco Mundo Operations)
Takashi Hirotada
Squad 7 (Manufacturing)
Yuji Ogino
Squad 8 (Public Relations)
Squad 9 (Guards of Seireitei)
Kasumi Orihara
Squad 10 (Materials)
Jin Uzuki
Squad 11 (Elite Warriors)
Kenpachi Zaraki
Squad 12 (R&D)
Squad 13 (Real World Operations)
Kazuma Kawamoto

Gotei 13

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