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  • Gotei 13

    h2. The Thirteen Court Guard Squads h4. Hierarchy Each squad is in charge of a specific task in the soul society in addition to the regular tasks that all squads are required to uphold. Listed below are the Squads; their responsibilities and their …

  • Aya Takano

    Aya was a Red Shirt at the academy when the players first arrived. Around the mid-term examinations, her test scores were extraordinary, and she was picked up early by a squad 9 recruiter.

  • Kotaro Oda

    Kotaro briefly encountered [[:fourtwentyblazeit | Tadashi Suzushi]] on his rounds during a pseudo-suspicious time for Tadashi to be wandering around. Kotaro, being one of the people investigating the disappearance of [[:kamo-osugawa | Kamo Osugawa]], was …