Tag: Class 4A


  • Kira Unmei

    Kira grew up in Rukongai's west 67th quadrant. He and a few other like age people formed a collective in the attempt for all of them to become Shinigami. Kira is the first of the group to arrive at the academy.

  • Misaki Kusaru

    When asked about her past, Misaki will impassively say that she was ripped in half by a Hollow and woke up in the Rukongai District. She worked hard in Rukongai to collect enough food to enter the academy where she hopes to become a Kido expert. If …

  • Haru Kirishima

    When asked about his past in the human world, Haru will instantly say that he rather not talk about it. One can easily get the impression from Haru that he has witnessed something tragic in his life, but beyond that no one really knows but him. All that …