Reiko Kimura

Supremely Optimistic in the Face of Crushing Reality


Personality: Reiko is the type of person who always looks at the glass half full. She looks for the good in the situation intuitively, and attempts to console others who cannot see it. She is a bit slow however, and it is hard to explain difficult concepts to her.

Fear(s): Reiko is afraid of insects with more that four legs.

Likes: Reiko likes to make gifts for other people, and to scrapbook her life.

Dislikes: Reiko dislikes people who get angry for no apparent reason

Habit(s): Reiko gets lost in places very easily

Flaw(s): Reiko’s tone usually seems condescending to those around her.

Talent(s): Reiko is a good chef; she can make almost any food.


Reiko lived in an extremely wealthy area of Rukongai. She was a worker in a restaurant that served cuisines from the living world. Because of this; Reiko had a large amount of food available to her, and as a result, gained a high spiritual pressure. She was then recruited by a member of squad 3 to become a Shinigami.

Reiko Kimura

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