Misaki Kusaru

A Well-Informed Bookworm


Personality: Misaki spends her academy days sitting quietly in the corner of the classroom reading books. While she keeps to herself during most of the break periods, she is very friendly with her classmates (meaningless blue shirts) who often come to her for schoolwork and social advice.

Fears: Misaki has only gotten less than a perfect score on one assignment: the first quiz she took in academy. After scores were posted (hers was 14 out of 15), she was absent from school for two days and nobody could find her. On the third day, she returned and resumed her normal routine like nothing had happened.

Likes: Misaki enjoys outdoor activities such as bird-watching for which she totes around a pair of binoculars every day. She revels in the collection of information and greatly enjoys parsing out information to the other blue shirts. When she’s not off on her own, Misaki is often seen hanging out with Mai Nishihara.

Dislikes: In the first two weeks of academy, a blue shirt confronted Misaki, told her she was cute and asked to go out with her. She slowly lowered her book, smiled brightly and said she’d rather jam thirty pencils into both of her ears than spend one more second listening to a weakling talk to her with such familiarity. No one has approached Misaki romantically ever since. Also, she fucking hates Midori Mazawa.

Habits: When someone speaks to Misaki, she will stare at him/her very intently almost as though she is memorizing every word that exits his/her mouth. When she is reading, she puts her right hand under her chin while holding open the book with her left.

Flaws: In terms of physical strength, Misaki lacks even the bare minimum. When the student’s skills are tested in gym classes, she will often take up a defensive position and smile apologetically, saying “I’m just not cut out for this sort of thing!” At this point, the other students don’t bother involving her in games.

Talents: Misaki is quite proficient with Kido and is considered to be one of the top five students in the blue shirt class. She also always seems to know what is going on around the school and has an innate knowledge of the social complexities occurring around her.


When asked about her past, Misaki will impassively say that she was ripped in half by a Hollow and woke up in the Rukongai District. She worked hard in Rukongai to collect enough food to enter the academy where she hopes to become a Kido expert. If pressed for more information about her past in the land of the living, she will walk away from the conversation entirely.

Misaki Kusaru

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