Midori Mazawa

A Headstrong "Try-Hard" with Little Talent


Personality: Midori is a boisterous person who finds a certain amount of satisfaction from being the center of attention. As a result, in social situations she tends to try and dominate the conversations. Despite this however, Midori has a pleasant smile and is always looking to share a laugh or two with her friends.

Fear(s): Midori is afraid of being abandoned. This plays into her insecurities of needing to fit in. Midori is afraid that she will not belong anywhere.

Likes: Midori likes any competitive situation; she also enjoys any form of group activity.

Dislikes: Midori despises activities that she cannot do with others.

Habit(s): Midori likes to “tag along” with other people. She usually does so in a charismatic way; however if she chooses to follow someone around she does not leave until she is bored.

Flaw(s): Miori is overly trusting of others.

Talent(s): Her overwhelming determination will get her through just about any task.


Midori originates from the southern section of Seireitei. Her family has been training Shinigami consistently for hundreds of generations. Midori knew from an early age she would be enlisting as a Soul Reaper. She has a large chip on her shoulder, because her uncle was the old Captain-Commander.

Midori Mazawa

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