Kotaro Oda

A Man Inspired to Uphold the Law with his Life


Personality: . Kotaro is a stickler for the rules. He believes that their is honor and justice in upholding any rules or guidelines assigned to his positions. Kotaro is also a loyal friend (supposing you are not a miscreant).

Fear(s): Unknown

Likes: Being Praised for his Dutiful work

Dislikes: Those who disobey instructions

Habit(s): Unknown

Flaw(s): Has a hard time viewing situations from other perspectives

Talent(s): Kotaro is a gifted swordsman


Kotaro briefly encountered Tadashi Suzushi on his rounds during a pseudo-suspicious time for Tadashi to be wandering around. Kotaro, being one of the people investigating the disappearance of Kamo Osugawa, was slightly suspicious of the situation.

During the exams, Kotaro displayed adequate skills in most areas of his education, and a member of Squad 2 requested that he be transferred to their barracks to train as a stealth force member.

Kotaro Oda

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