Katsu Hikaru


Personality: . Katsu is a team player. In any situation, he is usually the center of the decision-making. His ability to calm other’s and his insightful advice make him a strong leader. He is often giving away credit for his accomplishments to those who helped him achieve his goal. “Credit where credit is due”.

Fear(s): Unkown

Likes: Katsu likes to see others succeed. He enjoys playing a part in that success.

Dislikes: Katsu dislikes when he loses.

Habit(s): Katsu tends to win most things he does. He is also a very excitable person when he is friendly with those around him.

Flaw(s): Katsu’s upbringing makes him a little harsh when it comes to political opinions. He also gets aggravated when he is blatantly disrespected.

Talent(s): Katsu has a cult of personality, everyone who talks to him can’t help but come out of the exchange thinking better of him.


Katsu is the eldest son of the Hikaru clan, one of the Noble Houses. The rumor is that Katsu arrived at the Academy in the middle of last year, as an act of rebellion against his father. After the recent tests, Katsu requested to be accepted into Squad 1 of the Gotei 13, a position that is not often open to candidates. However, he was accepted within hours of his formal request.

Katsu Hikaru

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