Inoue Ayanami

Ferocity Personified


Personality: Inoue is a cold blooded killer. She does not seem emotionally involved in almost anything. Most conversations she holds are short and direct; she rarely divulges more information than she is asked for.

Fear(s): As far as anyone knows, Inoue fears nothing.

Likes: Inoue likes to prove her worth against strong opponents, anyone who defeats her becomes either her rival or her next teacher.

Dislikes: Those who dishonor the shinigami

Habit(s): Always takes the tactically best spot in an area; will challenge anyone who is in that position.

Flaw(s): Inoue has very little empathy; she does not understand the way certain people risk themselves for others.

Talent(s): Inoue is impressive at hiding her presence.


Rumor says that Inoue’s clan has been wiped out. Inoue has never commented on the subject. Some suggest that she came to the Academy due to her inability to sustain a life in regular society.

Inoue Ayanami

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