Haru Kirishima

A young man looking for a second chance


Personality: Haru often has a pained expression on his face when he thinks no one is looking, as if he is secretly contemplating upon some terrible memory. However, while being somewhat reserved, he is friendly and respectful towards his fellow classmates. Haru often seems to be in his own world, which some of his classmates easily mistake as disinterest in what is going on around him. While this may seem to be the case, Haru is actually incredibly determined to prove himself and accomplish his goals while internally pushing himself more than anyone actually realizes. Incredibly driven, Haru is easily frustrated with formalities as he believes that they are only slowing his progress towards his goals. Additionally, Haru seems to believe that the academy is the best means for him to truly make a difference in the human world, which he seems to care more about than the actual soul society. Haru actually joined the shinigami academy after only about a week in the soul society and seems to personally not allow himself any complacency.

Fear(s): Haru seems to have some of the symptoms of PTSD from time to time, but no one really knows why. Also Haru seems to be very familiar with both hallows and spirits, but he is generally more wary of them than some of his classmates and is surprisingly good at hiding from them. Also he hates/fears mushrooms in almost any form.

Likes: While quite, Haru enjoys being around his classmates and witnessing their antics as opposed to being all alone. He occasionally tries to be witty or snarky with them as opposed to just watching all the time. He also has an odd propensity towards soft, cute, and fragile things, as if he hasn’t seen anything like that in a long time. He is very fond of cats and often talks to them as if they were people.

Dislikes: Haru hates mushrooms in all forms and no one knows why. While more wary of hallows and spirits than most, he does seem to show a lot of pity for them as if he personally understands their plight. While he is driven to be a powerful soul reaper, he also secretly believes that they should be more efficient and thinks that some of them are rather subpar. He occasionally enjoys small talk with Tadashi Suzushi , but also thinks he is lazy and pointless and doesn’t understand why he is in the academy if he’s not even going to try hard. Haru generally doesn’t like complacency and believes the soul reapers should work harder. Additionally, he believes a lot of their formalities are a waste of time and thinks they should focus on more practical applications.

Habit(s): Haru will bounce his leg when sitting down as if he is not used to sitting still for long periods of time. When alone or when no one is watching, Haru sometimes looks as if he is actually almost about to cry, but will instantly snap out of it if someone addresses him and will give a soft smile as cover. He occasionally spaces out as if he is replaying memories in his mind and is prone to nightmares. He also talks to inanimate objects and animals (mainly cats) when no one is around.

Flaw(s): Haru has a hard time relaxing and letting things go. He also tends to rush through things and often skips over details that he thinks are pointless whether or not they actually are. He is reserved and respectful towards his fellow students, but if someone unknowingly gives him certain triggers, he will go off on them or will become an emotional mess. Haru seems to have a somewhat self-loathing nature when asked about his past, and is generally very secretive about himself. Although very new to the soul society, Haru rushes into things and his personal drive can make him overconfident.

Talent(s): Haru mentions that he was trained in kendo among other tutoring during his life, but says that he didn’t take it seriously or care about it. However, this seems to be completely contradictory of his training at the academy. Haru is incredibly driven and talented in sword training and kendo; believing that the zampato is the most important practical power that the soul reapers wield. Although he respects and trains in the important aspects of kido, Haru is surprisingly talented with the zampato and other swords. He has also been known to wield swords in the zatoichi reversed grip style for some reason.


When asked about his past in the human world, Haru will instantly say that he rather not talk about it. One can easily get the impression from Haru that he has witnessed something tragic in his life, but beyond that no one really knows but him. All that most people know is that Haru joined the academy only after a week in the soul society, but is surprisingly talented and knowledgeable for being so new to everything. However, some of Haru’s mannerisms and speech are rather old fashioned when in the modern human word, indicating that he may have died young many decades ago and remained a spirit in the human world for a long time before coming to the soul society.

Haru Kirishima

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