Tadashi Suzushi

Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome


Personality: Tadashi is known around the class as having a unique thinking process. While he isn’t the smartest person in class he often adds seemingly random input that latter makes sense and often completely changes everyone’s perspective on the discussion. It’s almost as if he sees the world from a different angle than the rest of the class. When discussing poetry or philosophy Tadashi’s input even occasionally makes the professor stop for a moment to appreciate the new ideas. His logic often appears flawed to others on the outside and his excuses seem to be just that. However, upon closer inspection there always seems to be a kernel of truth that makes others doubts their own previously held beliefs (even if it is only a silent doubt). He is the type of person to not do any work he isn’t asked to do, and he always finds the fastest and most efficient way to do work he is asked to do. Others in the class see him as a dishonorable cretin who squanders his potential and brings dishonor to his family and the shinigami academy, but he always seems to smile when people confront him this way and reply with “Yeah pretty much”.

While Tadashi spends almost no time on his own school work, he seems to always be free to help others with their own homework. He has never turned anyone away who has asked him for help in a subject, even people from other classes. Interesting enough the people he helps with their homework almost always score higher than him on the assignment. Because of his helpful and charming personality a small group of fan girls have slowly built up that avoid him and giggle.

Fear(s): Tadashi seems to be afraid of anything that pertains to the royal families and he actively avoids any conversations about them and will excuse himself when they brought up. Tadashi has only been seen angry once, and it was when he was locked in the supply closet. It was in this way people discovered his fear of confined spaces or things that impede his movement.

Likes: Tadashi loves pleasant and pointless conversation, he is always up for a good chat. He loves activities that involve little physical input on his part or activities that involve sitting and thinking. Because of this he has begun to collect TCG cards to play with other he meets, though is collection is quite small. Tadashi loves complex games, he often seems to win them as well (even if his opponent is more skilled or intelligent than him). He talks loudly while playing these games, especially on his opponents turns and he doesn’t play with any mainstream strategies. Again is knack for thinking in a different pattern than normal people seems to throw his opponents into full tilt. Especially because he doesn’t stick to any specific pattern when playing games and plays differently almost every time he plays. He also loves spending time sunbathing on the roof or in trees, sometimes he can even be found playing a reed flute on rare occasions when he thinks he is alone. When asked about it by one of his fan girls he simply relied “I admire the wind, it has no purpose other than its own existence but it still manages to shape almost everything within nature to some degree. The wind blows for the same reason and purpose that the leaves fall, it’s simply in their nature”.

Dislikes: Tadashi dislikes try hards or people who have some grandiose goal for the sake of having a goal. He claims that these hollow goals devalue what a true goal is. He becomes irritated when he always hears people babbling about how someday they are going to be a captain simply for the sake of being a captain as if that was an end to something. Tadashi doesn’t believe in “end goals”, and tries to live moment to moment. He also hates control freaks who try to make unbending or inflexible plans. He loathes it when people over complicate simple problems with annoyingly complex solutions (“Just DO IT”).

Habit(s): Tadashi has a habit of loosing track of himself or time while day dreaming or looking out the window. When he is called on in these situations he often replies (quite bluntly) with “I wasn’t paying attention”. Occasionally he can be found drawing strange shapes on paper, when people ask him what his drawing he will usually reply with an answer that confuses people. For instance he was once drawing a group of inverted spheres and when asked what it was he replied “apples” like it was obvious. The drawing don’t seem to have an artistic element to them however, they always seem geometrical (more like drafting than drawing). On very rare occasions he will start to whistle for no reason, sometimes even during class (much to his own dismay).

Flaw(s): Tadashi is lazy to fault. He often misses out on great opportunities because he didn’t want to spend the time required to go and do them. His blunt nature and hatred for indirect speech also often get him into social problems with other students (it turns out people hate you more for telling the truth). He has been the blame for more than one “social breakdown” from the surprisingly hurtful things he can say to people sometimes. His defense being “It’s not my fault they’re so upset. You don’t get mad at the mirror for making you look ugly or the scale for calling you fat do you?”. It is also worth mentioning that his taijutsu and kenjutsu test results are some of the lowest in the academy. He has also been known to occasionally fall victim to random bought of melancholy.

Quirk(s): Tadashi is morally against drinks that are served with ice. There is something about stray cats that bugs Tadashi, he isn’t sure what it is about them but for some reasson he always greets them with distrust, fear, and skepticism. Tadashi is left handed. Finally, Tadashi becomes extremely possesive of objects like chairs, tree branches he sleeps on, or even specific plates in the cafeteria.

Talent(s): Tadashi’s true talent lies in his ability to form meaningful relationships with other people very quickly as well as his unique way of thinking. He seems to see the world in four dimensions and often has a problem explaining to people his more abstract thoughts. Tadashi is also a kido specialist and he excels at the conceptual end of barrier techniques, a subject most people seem to have difficulty with. It is also worth noting that professors have remarked on his spiritual pressure growing at a much faster rate than a person from the rukongai should.

Bio: Tadashi awoke in the 33 district of rukongai and claims to not remember anything about his time in the land of the living. When pressed on the specifics of his time there he often shrugs and simply says that there is nothing worth mentioning and he doesn’t like to dwell on the past regardless. His entrance into the academy however is shrouded in mystery and none of the professors are quite sure who recommended him to the school or why. It is also perplexing that his written entrance exam was a single point bellow what would have been necessary to put him into the upper percentile of the academy, and even more mysterious is the fact that several questions were left blank.


Tadashi Suzushi

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