Eien Fuse

A Gentle Soul Lost in Apathy


Personality: Eien views the world in a casual nonchalance. His views on most tension wrought ideologies and perspectives fall into the grey area, usually being “wishy washy” about most subjects. He likes to laugh, although he doesn’t find much in the world to be entertaining.

Fear(s): Eien is genuinely afraid of girls who are taller than him; he keeps them at a distance and will often find a place to gain a “higher vantage point” in order to speak with a girl taller than him.

Likes: Eien likes to play complex logical games; he collects TCG’s and his favorite Ice cream is Macadamia.

Dislikes: Besides Women taller than himself, Eien only dislikes one other thing: Moustaches. He thinks they are appalling.

Habit(s): Eien tilts his head to the side when he is confused; he also flicks his TCG cards when he is thinking in a game.

Flaw(s): He quickly jumps to the conclusion that most conversations are boring and a waste of his time.

Talent(s): Eien can instantly guess correctly anyone’s favorite color and number.


Eien is from a lesser noble family that lives in the northern part of Seireitei. Eien was content to stay in the manor and spend his life in the comfort of the rich and pampered. However, this intent was undermined by his father, who believed Eien would bring the most prestige to their house if he joined the Gotei 13. At first Eien resisted, but after a preliminary test, he discovered his high amount of spiritual pressure was desirable to the Shinigami. Upon discovery of his apparent worth, Eien became more enthused with the idea of being a shinigami and enlisted voluntarily.

Eien Fuse

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